Strengthening the Partnership between KfW and UNDP as well as UNICEF

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Strategy & Concept development: To enhance smoother cooperation between UNICEF/UNDP and KfW in their common endeavor to support children and families living in conflict settings, we facilitated the development of standard operating procedures (SOPs). The key objective was to develop projects more quickly and make management more efficient and predictable. In addition, we supported the partners in engaging in effective knowledge exchange and in the co-creation of innovative approaches with the aim of leveraging existing knowledge in both organizations and harnessing it for more impact in projects.

Project design & Evaluation: We developed a concise and user-friendly SOP manual that elaborates the typical project design and implementation process. During the piloting phase, this was applied to several UNICEF and UNDP programmes to test its effectiveness in improving programme design.

Process facilitation & Training: Our support lasted over a year and was organized in an agile manner with enough space to analyze, define, test and adapt solutions. We organized stakeholder participation through dialogues at management level for joint planning and review as well as on the working level for joint development of solutions and testing. All exchanges used different live and online/virtual formats and methods that supported transparency and a strong results orientation.