Strategic empowerment for our future

We are a strategy consultancy for sustainable development. Our mission is to develop innovative solutions to development challenges, using agile and participatory methods which are inclusive of all relevant stakeholders. We draw on our extensive expertise to understand the diverse issues faced by countries across the Global South today and are experienced in building connections with local actors. We strive to act as partners to our clients, inspiring new ideas and facilitating complex processes.

Our clients are organisations from the public and private sector to whom we offer our expertise in strategy and concept development as well as project design and evaluation.


We support the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals with our expertise in areas such as finance, education, agriculture, health, fragility, and climate change. To that end, we develop innovative concepts and co-create solutions with local and international stakeholders from business, science, and the public and non-profit sectors. In our experience, inclusive processes, participatory methods, and mindful communication with local stakeholders are essential to bringing about positive and sustained transformation. We especially aim to incorporate those voices which are structurally underrepresented and may therefore be easily overheard.

Our name “joyn-coop” reflects our philosophy: we join together different capabilities, cooperate with all stakeholders and work with joy for the good of the people and the planet.