Bringing together the Sustainability and Digital Transformations: sustainable AG, CBTW and joyn-coop partner in the DACH Region

We are excited to announce our collaboration with sustainable AG and CBTW, a partnership aimed at fostering sustainable transformation across organizations. Our joint effort will leverage proven expertise in sustainability, data and digitalization, and organizational transformation to guide businesses through the evolving landscape of new regulations like the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and growing demands from stakeholders.

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Companies hold a crucial role in safeguarding our planet for current and future generations, through implementing innovative and sustainable business models. This role is highlighted by new regulations such as the CSRD under the European Green Deal, which mandates comprehensive and auditable sustainability reporting. Coupled with growing sustainability demands from stakeholders like investors, employees, and customers, businesses face an increasingly complex landscape.

Navigating successfully through these challenges requires holistic and future-proof approaches. To provide these, we have decided to join forces with CBTW and sustainable AG in an innovative and impactful partnership in the DACH region. Collectively, we aim at fostering organizations’ sustainable transformation, by bringing together our proven expertise in sustainability, digitalization, and organizational transformation.

In order to create a positive impact on companies, the environment, and the society, we think of sustainability and digitization in an intertwined and parallel way. “By aligning with CBTW and joyn-coop, we are setting the foundation to make companies future-proof,” says Caroline Kleist from sustainable AG. “Our joint approach supports businesses both in transforming their core activities, and in improving future viability by implementing specific strategies and measures. The aim is to make business within planetary boundaries a reality.”


The unique feature of our partnership is its impact-oriented and human-centered approach. We prioritize active participation from company employees and stakeholders in all transformation processes, enabling them to become proactive change agents. This comprehensive involvement fosters innovation and ownership, driving the implementation phase of the developed strategies on sustainability and digitalization. “At our core, we strive to inspire a company transformation that is not only effective but also enjoyable and engaging. We firmly believe that the change process should be a source of inspiration, bringing teams together, fostering creativity, and reinforcing the company’s internal fabric.” says Dr. Christiane Ströh de Martinez from joyn-coop.

Data and a clear understanding of a company’s status quo have to be the starting point for this transformation. “We cannot change what we do not measure,” reminds André Bukowski from CBTW. “Providing data of high quality and using it to bring transparency into the domain of sustainability is the foundation of real impact and long-lasting change.”

With this joint approach, we allow companies to control and monitor their sustainability measures closely and regularly. We empower decision-making by providing a reliable data collection framework and interactive dashboards of key metrics. Additionally, we create the basis for compliant CSRD Reporting. Our technology-agnostic solutions are transparent, data-driven, and designed to be tailored to suit each company’s individual needs. Together we are convinced that this is only the first, absolutely necessary step towards the actual goal: To take companies by the hand to enable their way of doing business within the planetary boundaries.

About us:

sustainable AG, Germany’s leading consultancy on sustainability and climate protection, provides comprehensive support to companies navigating the sustainable transformation.

CBTW, is a global, independent technology consultancy delivering end-to-end technology solutions, strengthening the positioning of companies through digital solutions.

joyn-coop advises development agencies, foundations, and companies on sustainable development issues, supporting change and transformation processes using agile and participatory methods.

For more information on our offerings and partnership, please visit our websites or contact us directly:

Andrés Luna, joyn-coop,

Caroline Kleist, sustainable AG,

André Bukowski, CBTW GmbH,

Access the official press release here.