Toolbox for Remote Management and Monitoring of Development Projects

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Strategy & Concept development: Managing and monitoring projects and verifying information is challenging when security risks are high and travel is restricted. New technological solutions have the potential to make data collection and transmission easier and more reliable. At the same time, local project staff and the project target group can be important players in ensuring project success. We advised a major international donor on the possibilties and risks of remote managing and monitoring.

Project design & Evaluation: Through an analysis of good practices, we developed a toolbox for project managers that includes more than 60 examples of innovative approaches for remote programming. The toolbox also provides guidance on opportunities and risks, remote project cycle management, managing stakeholder conflicts, and addressing technology-related legal and regulatory issues.

Process facilitation & Training: We undertook broad consultations to develop the toolbox. We assembled approaches used in the private sector, the construction sector, development cooperation, NGOs and universities. At several stages of the study, we involved the client through participatory workshops, and we presented the results to a wide range of the client’s staff.