Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) for a Refugee Fund in Uganda

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Project design & Evaluation: The Refugee Response Fund aims to improve basic social services in and around refugee settlements through projects implemented by international NGOs. Since specific measures and locations were not known, an ESMF was required to ensure compliance with international and national standards. We developed the ESMF including guidance and tools for how to address key E&S issues. In addition, we developed Environmental and Social Management Plans for the pilot projects in the education and WASH sector and a Land Acquisition and Compensation Framework for the case that land acquisition cannot be avoided.

Process facilitation & Training: We closely collaborated with a team of local experts and undertook joint field visits to project regions to look at potential project sites. In addition, we organized stakeholder consultations with local officials, potential target group members and schools to analyze land acquisition risks and identify other non-intended impacts. We held several workshops with the project implementing agency to familiarize them with the environmental and social standards, mitigation measures and safeguard instruments.