Developing a methodology for Peace and Conflict Assessment (PCA)

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Strategies & Concept developement: A further development of the Peace and Conflict Assessment (PCA) methodological framework was needed to integrate the dimensions of fragility and violence. We developed a practical guideline for conducting PCAs. The objective was to coherently interlock the steering instruments on the BMZ side (e.g. country strategies) with the steering instruments on the side of the implementing organizations (Minimum standards, PCA application) for improved coherence.

Process facilitation & Training: We conducted a series of workshops with GIZ, KfW and BMZ to facilitate expert discussions on best-practice approaches to conflict analysis and conflict monitoring. We facilitated the workshop, engaging participants and guiding the thought process using the metaplan method. In addition, we incorporated academic insights on the dimensions of state fragility and drew insights from our experience with risk assessment and management on the ground.